Sustainable certification in the wine sector

The Portuguese wine sector has been growing significantly and is a prominent part of the national identity. The aim is to achieve superior quality and excellence in production while ensuring that production methods are environmentally sustainable.

Concerns about sustainability in this sector encompass various areas such as soil conservation, efficient water use, efficient waste management, and reducing carbon emissions. It also includes other factors like social, economic, and regional development conditions.

Sustainability certification reflects a commitment to preserving the environment, ensuring the well-being of workers and local communities, and achieving a prosperous future for the Portuguese wine industry. This certification will enhance the sector’s competitiveness while ensuring more responsible and sustainable wine production, contributing to everyone’s future.

Existing certifications:

  • Alentejo Wine Sustainability Program (PSVA) – Click here
  • National Sustainability Certification Framework for the wine sector (RNCSSV) – Click here

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