Forest Certification System – PEFC™


The PEFC™, or Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is an initiative that establishes a framework for the mutual recognition of national processes of forest certification. Its goal is to promote economically viable, ecologically appropriate, and socially beneficial forest management. This ensures that consumers of forest products are acquiring goods from forests managed sustainably.

The reference basis for certification is the Pan-European Criteria for Sustainable Forest Management adopted at the Helsinki and Lisbon Ministerial Conferences. Each member country develops its own national certification system based on these criteria.

The PEFC™ certification system is a process through which a third-party independent entity ensures that forest management practices on an estate comply with the requirements set forth in the Portuguese Standard 4406, “Sustainable Forest Management Systems – Application of Pan-European criteria for sustainable forest management.”

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Advantages of PEFC™ Certification

  • Producers ensure, both domestically and internationally, recognition that the products originate from sustainable operations.
  • Added value to forest operations and their products.
  • Enhancement of the operation’s image.
  • Valorization of forest products as renewable raw materials.
  • Increased profitability of forest operations.
  • Strategic advantage for tapping into emerging markets for certified forest products.
  • Credibility of the sector’s organization.
  • Compliance with GF Standards reduces the risk of product rejection or legal actions.
  • Improvement of the Company’s image.

In the case of Forest Certification, there are companies that pay premiums for certified wood.

Regarding cork, there is an increased demand for certified cork as opposed to non-certified cork.


Companies that have Forest Certification through the PEFC™ Systems

Granted Certifications

Forest Management: Companies that have Certification

Responsibility Chain: Companies that have Certification


Certifications Suspended or Canceled

Companies with Suspended or Canceled Certification