Forest Management Certification and CoC

What is Forest Management Certification (GF)?

For PEFC™, forest certification

it is the best guarantee of sustainability, based on the application of social, economic, and environmental principles that any producer can provide to the market. It is a true certification that forest-derived raw material comes from an operation that adheres to the best practices of sustainable forest management, according to the recognized requirements of national and international standards in force for this sector, particularly the PEFC™ Portugal Reference Standard, which is fundamentally based on NP 4406. For more information, please use the email or


According to the FSC® definition

Certification is a written guarantee given by an independent entity that verifies a product meets the requirements defined by standards or technical specifications. The FSC® certification service is offered in conjunction with Neocert Certificações Florestais e Agrícolas LTDA. For more information, please use the email or


What is it for?

The certification of a forest management system ensures the consumer that the exploitation of forest resources has been carried out in a sustainable way, that is, maintaining its productivity, biological diversity, regenerative capacity, and vitality of the population, in a way that does not cause damage to other ecosystems, both present and future.


Who is it for?

The certification process is entirely voluntary. Individuals or collective entities, both public and private, legally constituted and responsible for the management of forest areas, can apply for forest certification.

These entities must be previously recognized by PEFC and/or FSC® for one of the three levels of application: individual, regional (only for the PEFC™ system), or group.

Forest certification is often applied to a single Forest Management Unit, which is assessed and certified as an individual entity.

However, there are other options for small forest owners. Regional or group certification allows owners to join a regional entity or a group, respectively, and develop a system that ensures all members comply with the requirements of NP 4406. During the audit of such an entity, CERTIS evaluates the system of the regional/group entity and a sample of its members. Since the costs can be divided among the members, they are generally much lower than if they opted for individual certification.


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