CERTIS recognizes Sogrape sustainable management

It is with great joy and pride that we congratulate Sogrape on obtaining Certification by the ViniPortugal National Sustainability Benchmark for the Wine Sector!

This certification is based on a benchmark, with 86 indicators, in the area of sustainability and represents the commitment of national producers to sustainable production practices, thus ensuring the credibility and reliability of Portuguese wines in global markets.

Obtaining this certification is done through audits carried out by recognized and independent certification companies. CERTIS is proud to be the company chosen to carry out this rigorous audit in the various areas and facilities of Sogrape, the largest Portuguese wine company, and to recognize the sustainable management of this organization.

By obtaining this certification, Sogrape attests the excellence of its management and highlights its role in building a more sustainable wine sector. Now, each of its bottles will tell the world the story of responsible production, respecting nature and contributing to a greener future.

This is another step and recognition of Sogrape’s commitment to the production of high quality wines and its dedication to the environment and social responsibility.

A toast, not only to the exceptional flavor of its wines, but also to the inspiring vision of a world where the passion for winemaking is combined with the commitment to preserving the planet. A warm welcome to everyone involved and best wishes for success!

Read the Sogrape press release here!

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